Types Of Clients We Serve

Radio Stations

Recorded or live broadcasts, storm warnings and faxed forecasts available. All of our meteorologists have extensive broadcast backgrounds.

TV Stations

Graphics and audio forecasts downloadable from our web site. This has been used especially on weekend mornings for current weather updates without the tv station having to have their own meteorologist in house.

Paving & Construction Companies

Most contract on a per call basis. They call anytime, day or night, and have immediate access to a meteorologist. Often times they might hear a forecast on a media outlet or from the National Weather Service such as, there is a chance of showers today. That is way too generic for their needs. We narrow down for them the probability of rainfall in their specific location, the most likely times of day, and the potential amounts. When they are pouring thousands of dollars worth of concrete a day, it makes a big difference if it's going to be just some drizzle 6 hours from now, or downpours within the hour. We provide the critical assistance they need to be efficient and save labor and material costs.

Agricultural Companies

Daily 5 day outlook detailing temperatures, degree days, cloud cover, humidity, drying rates, wind direction and speed, precipitation chances and amounts, frost potential, etc. They use this information for determining when the best time is to do fieldwork, spray or harvest crops. We also provide long range outlooks if requested.

Burn Contractors

Site specific spot fire weather forecasts including temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed, mixing level, haines index, and ventilation index. Available to take incoming calls from burn contactors anytime day or night.

Utility Companies

Daily forecasts for the next 5 days of temperatures, heating degree days, wind speeds and cloud cover. We can give great detail, forecasting hourly temperatures for the next 48 hours. This information is used by utilities to determine how much natural gas they should purchase to meet the expected fuel demand over the upcoming week. Also, we can provide storm warnings to electric utilities so they can best prepare for possible power outages. Sewer utilities get detailed precipitation forecasts from us to better manage their water flow through their system and mitigate flood and backed up sewage potential.

Ski Resorts

Daily forecasts detailing temperatures, winds, cloud cover and precipitation. They use this data to optimize their snow making operations and plan for major winter storms.

County and City Road Departments

Detailed storm warnings as soon as there is a reasonable risk of enough snow or freezing precipitation to cause trouble on roadways. We provide a comprehensive warning covering temperatures, precipitation type, amount and when it will fall. Also a detailed analysis of wind diretion and speed throughout the duration of the storm. This helps the road crews determine the best time to apply salt, sand and know when to plow. Our service can pay for itself in the money saved in just one major winter storm!

School Districts

Detailed storm warnings as soon as there is a reasonable risk of heavy snow, ice, blowing and drifting snow, or dangerous wind chills during a period of school travel. This aids schools in deciding when to cancel classes and activities. We can also provide severe thunderstorm, tornado, flash flood warnings if requested to help maximize safety at school.

Attorneys & Insurance Companies

We do research for legal cases that involve weather related accidents and provide expert testimony as needed. Also we help insurance adjusters determine if weather was a factor in their damage claims.

Sport Teams

We provide site and time specific forecasts of temperature, precipitation, wind, and severe storms. This allows sports teams advanced planning for upcoming practices and games and increased safety. Also it allows related events at sporting venues to run as effectively as possible when dealing with the weather.