What We Do

Great Lakes Weather Service is a 24 hour a day, 365 day per year weather forecasting and consulting company. We're based in north central Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide accurate, timely, site-specific weather forecasts. We use state of the art technology including: real-time satellite and doppler radar imagery, along with surface and upper atmospheric data to analyze the weather. Our fully trained staff of meteorologists incorporate the vast array of computer forecast model data to give our clients weather answers, when they need them.

Our major clients are in the Midwest in states spanning from South Dakota to Michigan and Illinois; however we welcome new clients from outside this area. We have the resources to provide reliable weather information nationwide, and have already had clients as far away as Georgia and Ottawa, Canada.

In addition to daily forecasting, Great Lakes Weather Service also specializes in storm warnings for blizzards to floods to tornadoes and high winds. We provide long range outlooks tailored to a client's specific need. We conduct research upon request, finding and compiling weather records and climate information of all sorts. Finally, we provide expert weather testimony to clients such as insurance companies or for weather related court trials. In general, if you have a weather related need of almost any kind, we're a good place to come for help.

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